Teaneck Junior Soccer League (TJSL) is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization to promote soccer in Teaneck NJ. Over 1,000 children play every year.


Parents:  Helpful Information

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TJSL aims to provide every child on a team, a fun and safe experience, to improve their confidence and skills at soccer, and at being part of a team and a league composed of friends and neighbors.

Your Child's Team

From the TJSL website, you can access the Team Roster & Game/Practice Schedules.

  • Log into your account

  • From the Teams menu, click on Choose a Team>, select the current Season, Division and your child's Team.

  • Team Page: You can see the upcoming Schedule of games, practices & training sessions. To see the complete Schedule for the season, click on Full.

  • Roster: From the Teams menu, click on Roster to see the team Coaches & members. This menu option is not displayed until a team is selected.

  • Schedule: From the Teams menu, click on Schedule to see the complete Schedule.

  • Calendar: To synchronize the Schedule with your own calendar: When on the Schedule page, click on Options (right side of the screen) & select Calendar Feed. On the next screen, pick the appropriate option (Google or Outlook) & follow instructions.

  • Your child's uniform (shirt, shorts & socks) will be provided by the Team Coach.

You can also access the TJSL website on a smartphone.

Your Role as a Parent

  • As a parent or family member of a registered child:

    • Review & abide by the Parents Code of Conduct

    • Help the coaches teach your kids to behave respectfully towards coaches, referees and to one another.
    • Watch games & practices from the designated spectator areas. Parents are not allowed in the player area during games.
    • Let your coach know if your child will miss a game, practice or training session.
    • Encourage your child to his or her best at whatever position is assigned by the coach.
  • Help your child with the following:

    • Come to practices and games on time with a good attitude, properly dressed and with the right equipment.

    • Players must wear shin guards, fully covered by socks. Team uniform is optional for practices & training sessions, but the complete uniform is required for all games.
    • Soccer cleats are optional, sneakers are permitted. When playing on the turf fields, soccer cleats are the preferred choice. However, baseball, football or softball cleats are not allowed. When playing indoors, wear sneakers or indoor soccer shoes only.
    • For reasons of safety, no earrings or jewelry is allowed, including metal clips, pins or beads in the hair.
    • Bring a bottle of water labeled with the player’s name - ONLY WATER IS ALLOWED ON THE TURF FIELDS.
    • Each player should bring a ball to every outdoor training session and practice. Write the player’s name on the ball.

U09 = Size 4 ball
U11 = Size 4 ball
U14 = Size 5 ball
U16 = Size 5 ball

TJSL Smartphone App

Currently Teaneck Soccer does not have a smartphone app. On your phone browser, go to the TJSL website, scroll to the bottom, click on Full Site & follow instructions at the top of this page.